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Zoos: Should they continue to exist or animals better off in the wild?

Added by: Anna Maria Lavis

Zoos: Should they continue to exist or animals better off in the wild? It is a fact that zoos exist in major cities of the world. Nowadays, while many people are in favor of zoos, others claim that zoos should not exist and the animals should live in their natural habitat. I would like to put some pros and cons of zoos and let each person decide on their own what they believe.

Here are some arguments against zoos. First of all, animals should not be held in captivity in big cages because they are living creatures and they need to be free. According to a recent research, animals in zoos live less than those that live in the wild. Moreover an enormous amount of money is needed for the animals care, thus sometimes zoos don’t make any profit at all, and since a zoo is a business...the less money they have the less care they can offer the animals. Another point is that some animals lose their natural instinctive attributes. For example, animals such as lions need to hunt; however in zoos they don’t have this choice. The ideal solution for the endangered species would be for the experts to be able to help and protect them in their natural environment. But unfortunately this is far from reality.

Here are some arguments in favor of zoos. Everybody knows that organized zoos do their best to save animals that are endangered. They make a great effort to help endangered animals reproduce to keep their species alive. They make visitors more aware of the problems of endangered species. Furthermore, visiting zoos allows zoos to collect money to continue their efforts while at the same time it offers family entertainment and education which cannot be offered in the wild. Many zoos find injured or hurt animals and bring them back to health where as in the wild they would have died. Also zoos come to the rescue of abused animals and offer them a better home.

In conclusion, my initial reaction is animals should not be a “prisoner” of zoos, this is not their natural habitat. But on the other hand, a well organized zoo that has rules and regulations can offer a good home for animals. It can also offer a safe haven to endangered species that otherwise might not be around if certain zoos did not care to protect these species. The finally decision if zoos are good or bad is for you and your conscious to make!