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Quote of the day: The Monachus monachus seal is one of the rarest seals and one of the most endangered marine mammals. Fewer than 450 are left in the world.
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Pumpkin (171)
Owner: Aleah Morales
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Video of the day
I Love You Every Day!
By TheCuddlyFriends (894)
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dogs finally speaks :-
dogs finally speaks :-
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24-04-2015 00:16:39
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shirley denning
09-11-2012 17:50:33
From: shirley denning
In topic: Pet Stories
Post: I am so sorry about Milky. He will be missed.
Latest reply: I ahd a pet called Miska and she was live with me 8 years, one night car hit her on ...

26-06-2012 11:57:01
From: Natalie
In topic: Protection
Post: Protection is not only for our domestic pets. We need to become more aware of our ...
Latest reply: PETA receives reports every year about animals who suffer horrifying deaths during ...

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